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Matching Matrix

There are two powerful methods to match your goals or purpose to Liberating Structures with particular strengths.

  1. LS Selection Matchmaker (v 9) PDF  Very quickly match your goals to specific LS!
  2. Matching Matrix (below)

[above] The LS Selection Matchmaker in use during an immersion workshop. The tool helps you clarify which LS microstructures will advance your purpose. The Matchmaker can be used with design cards to quickly generate a detailed plan (a string of Liberating Structures) for your next event. Time spent on planning can be dramatically reduced with the Matchmaker.

Most people get started by using one or more favorite Liberating Structures in a variety of situations, from routine meetings to resolving conflicts within their work team. From their initial successes, they start experimenting with others and expand their repertoire over time.

Don’t worry about finding the perfect choice; there are always several Liberating Structures that can help your progress if your purpose is clear.


In the Matching Matrix, the strengths of each Liberating Structure are arrayed according to common goals for groups. The five common goals are:

  • Discovering everyday solutions (problem solving + coordination in meetings and regular interactions)
  • Noticing patterns together (looking for ways to explain or make sense of changes)
  • Unleashing local action (getting each person engaged in taking action)
  • Drawing out prototypes (quickly developing small pieces or chunks of solutions that can be refined and combined later)
  • Spreading innovation (spreading ideas/ services/ products out and scaling up to higher levels)

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.  Antoine de Saint Exupery