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Liberating Infection ControlImprov with chocolate pudding. Prototyping new prevention practice at the Billings Clinic, USA

Liberating Structures are particularly well-suited to challenges that benefit from including and unleashing everyone. LS-inspired infection prevention work has included many unsual suspects—people providing and receiving care as well as ancillary and support staff.  This includes but is not limited to: patients, family members, volunteers, housekeeping staff, therapists, nurses, doctors, and managers.  

By inviting and engaging unusual suspects a flood of inventiveness follows. Everyone is invited "to act their way into better prevention practice." Leaps in performance and better than expected results can be anticipated.

With very positive results, many Liberating Structures have been used to help prevent the spread of infections. The following are particularly powerful as you get started:  Improv PrototypingSimple Ethnography15% Solutions, Discovery and Action Dialogue, and TRIZ

The following articles and stories detail how Liberating Structures are helping to transform infection control practices and performance.  

Superbug Prevention Plus Enduring Cultural Change (Dr. Michael Gardam)  Includes a video that received national attention.  

More about infection prevention and Liberating Structures in use across Canada on the Doctor Weighs In blog

Marisa's Rehearsal for Real Life As A Nurse (Sherry Belanger)

Saving Lives By Changing Relationships, Dr. Arvind Singhal, Prucia Buscell and Keith McCandless

Spanning Silos and Spuring Conversations: Positive Deviance for Reducing Infections in Hospitals, Dr. Arvind Singhal, Purcia Buscell and Keith McCandless

From the Inside Out: Positive Deviance Subdues MRSA Curt Lindberg, Keith McCandless, Sharon Benjamin, Nancy Iversen, Jeff Cohn, MD, David Hares, MD, Prucia Buscell, Margaret M. Toth, MD