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Marquee Projects

I am engaged in a wildly diverse set of initiatives. Just how I like it.  These include but are not limited to: 

  • Transforming business operations and customer relationships Latin America, Canada, the US and Europe 
  • Designing "Water Week" with Liberating Structures for the World Bank's Global Water Practice.
  • Assisting the United Nations effort to enhance knowledge management as they foster "decent work" all over the world (video below)
  • Melding design thinking and Liberating Structures to shape the future of healthcare with the Innovation Learning Network (with large health systems in the US & UK)
  • Co-designing national and regional initiatives to transform the future of nursing (video below)
  • Working to create a recovery-focused transformation in the Texas mental health system
  • Guiding a variety of academic reform efforts in higher education
  • Helping the Restorative Justice movement grow in Colorado and beyond (video below)
  • Assisting the Miami-Dade Child Welfare community develop better coordination plus a more positive and engaging culture
  • Supporting the growth of health information exchange across the US

  • Liberating more innovation across scales @ NASA with scientists, engineers, and innovators
  • Launching more innovation across multiple departments in the Yukon government
  • Preventing the spread of “superbugs” and other safety challenges in the US and Canada
  • Liberating "uplifting service" at the Seattle Center


 Each group of people put Liberating Structures into action in a unique way. Take a look at the Field Stories


An immersion workshop series in Seattle has sparked a variety of new projects and initiatives.  




LS are effective in all four levels. Below, check out a big project (a summit for 250 people) that helped advance the Restorative Justice movement.  With a one day workhsop and phone ocaching, Liberating Structures were used by community leaders to design and facilitate this 3-day confab in Colorado. Self-organization in action!

2012 CO RJ Summit Video from LCJP on Vimeo.

LS were used recently to to design a summit for the Transformation of Nursing.  Keith as the lead consultant and designer with leaders from across the US.  

For the United Nations ITC-ILO, Henri and Keith offered a Liberating Structures immersion workshop and follow-up consulting sessions. (The Centre is in Turin Italy.) The focus was how to organize for promoting decent work and sustainable development around the world.  

Scenes from the 2012-2013 Seattle workshop series.  Over 300 people joined in from 5 continents.

Working with 4-H youth to design and lead healthy community forums.  The project was named Teens Take On Health.


I am happy to talk with you by phone or Skype. 

On short notice, I can be available for a 30-minute call. I have experience helping people get started and spread Liberating Structures in many settings and circumstances.

Contact mevia e-mail:


We can talk about any of the following possibilities to support your use of LS:

•  Getting-started and first steps

•  Connecting you with other LS users

•  Composing a design storyboard for a big event

•  Presentations

•  Consulting projects

•  Research or design projects

•  Team or individual coaching

•  How LS fit with other change initiatives

•  LS Workshops or strategy retreats

•  LS Immersion Workshops

Above: Keith’s drawing for Go Philanthropic. Graphic recording is a great way to engage everyone in shaping next steps