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Plexus Institute

A not-for-profit organization whose mission is fostering the health of individuals, families, communities, organizations, and our natural environment by helping people use concepts emerging from the new science of complexity.

Positive Deviance Initiative

The objectives of the PDI are to document and share information on current global Positive Deviance projects, to explore new PD applications, and to expand the cadre of PD practitioners and trainers

Innovation Learning Network

A lively network of designers and innovators spread across the US and the UK.  The focus is on healthcare and the design arts.

Relational Coordination Research Collaborative

RCRC’s mission is to transform relationships for high performance by building shared goals, shared knowledge and mutual respect across boundaries.


Craig Reynolds’ website includes modeling of complex swarm behavior based on simple rule sets.  Flocking is a particularly evocative example of emergence: where complex global behavior can arise from the interaction of simple local rules.

Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences

The overarching objective of the Center is to understand the principles and mechanisms underlying complex behavior on all levels, from molecules and cells to whole brain functioning and even brains (people) working together. Founded in 1985 by Dr. Scott Kelso.

Santa Fe Institute

A transdisciplinary research community that aims to discover, comprehend, and communicate the common fundamental principles in complex physical, computational, biological, and social systems that underlie many of the most profound problems facing science and society today.

Social Innovation Generation (SiG)

A website designed to provide learning resources about creating conditions for social innovation and to highlight examples in Canada and around the world. Since 2008, Social Innovation Generation (SiG) has produced a range of materials on various themes related to social innovation.This website presents a collection of those materials as well as other relevant resources, and its goal is to connect people interested in social innovation to learning that can support new thinking and new forms of action.




Appreciative Inquiry

A web site for practitioners of this powerful method for organizational change.

Conversation Cafes

Great materials for hosts of Conversation and World Café dialogue. 

Open Space Technology

OST practitioners support users and explore the power of self-organization in convening groups using this elegant approach.