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Consulting Partners

Those who say "No" to the offers life makes are rewarded by the safety that it brings;
those that say "Yes" are rewarded by the adventures that they go on. 
– Viola Spolin

A short list of FABULOUS consulting and teaching partners:

Henri Lipmanowicz (Plexus Institute, co-developer Liberating Structures)

Fisher Qua (Back-Loop Consulting)

Arvind Singhal (Professor, UTEP)

Jeff Cohn, MD (President, Plexus Institute)

Nancy White (Full Circle)

Curt Lindberg (PartnersInComplexity)

Liz Rykert (MetaStrategies, Toronto)

June Holley (Smart Networks)

Tony Suchman, MD

Diane Magrane, MD (Drexell University)

Michael Gardam, MD (University Health Network)

Kevin Buck (Emergent Success)

David Gasser (Photographer)

Monique Sternin (Positive Deviance co-founder)

Joel & Michelle Levey (Founders, Wisdom At Work)

Chris McCarthy (Innovation Learning Network, Kaiser Permanente)

Neil McCarthy (Principal, McCarthy Consulting)

Tim Jaasko-Fisher, JD (University of Washington)

Anna Jackson (Alpinista Consulting, Austin TX)

Dan Pesut (Professor, University of Minnesota)

Sharon Benjamin (Alchemy Consulting)

Peggy Holman (author, consultant)

Tim Corey (graphic artist & facilitator)

Steven Wright (graphic facilitator)

Below the 2014 Seattle LS workshop design team.  In pairs, these fabulous colleagues facilitated 90 minute segments of our "Prepare for Surprise" workshop.  


 The range of consulting projects range from shifting the way everyone solutions are discovered to strategy development to transformation initiatives