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Gallery & Aesthetics

Favorite images and ideas from my far flung travels are collected in this gallery. The show revolves and recycles as whim dictates. Photography by Keith McCandless unless otherwise noted. 

The focus is on self-organizing patterns and fractals in nature – including human nature!  Surprisingly, a very clear aesthetic has emerged from our work with Liberating Structures. Elements of the aesthetic include:

  • Insight comes from inconspicuous often overlooked details


  • Beauty can be coaxed out  of messiness


  • Focus on the intrinsic qualities


  • Ignore material or technological hierarchy


  • Look for what is irregular, intimate, unpretentious


  • Look for comfort with ambiguity


  • Don’t ignore what is imperfect, crude or impermanent




Focusing attention in Belize. Photo credit: Dick Lazeres





Another fabulous image from Tracy Kelly



Image by Jim Hodges






Fabulous birds in the Gulf Islands, Canada

Above: photo by David Gasser


Bald Eagles, Osprey, Peregrin Falcon, Blue Heron, Redtailed-Hawk, Pileated Woodpecker, Oyster Catcher, and Vulture in the Gulf Islands









 Photo by Lesley Jacobs